The Path of Least Resistance

When we align ourselves with our true desire, and begin to move toward it, something magical happens – we enter the path of least resistance.

Life becomes easier chasing after “impossible” things (that we actually want).

On the contrary, life is harder chasing after attainable things (that we don’t really want).

In his book, The Path of Least Resistance, Robert Fritz explains that having a great dream to guide our lives is the key to living our fullest and becoming our best.

“In the absense of a great dream, pettiness prevails” -Robert Fritz

Without having our eyes set on the prize of making our deepest dreams manifest, it’s all too easy to get lost in the banal trivialities of everyday life.

Without vision, we’re simply distracted. (dis-traction = not making traction)

Why is America splitting down the middle, with both sides endlessly squabbling?

Why is the western world going nowhere fast?

Because there is no great dream to get behind, no motivating factor – just endless pettiness and propaganda. What a joke.

It seems as though the whole of western civilization has become a pointless endeavor.

Pettiness prevails!

I – Desire

All great dreams start with desire.

We must be honest with ourselves about what we actually want in life.

Remember, the human spirit will not invest itself in a compromise.

We need to stop downplaying our heart’s desires, and instead bring them up and out to play.

We all have irrational, lofty, unrealistic dreams. These are exactly what we need.

It doesn’t matter if we ever achieve them or not, but if we keep them stuffed away, they will continue to haunt us.

Let’s say you admitted to yourself you’ve secretly wanted to become a professional dancer, but you’re deathly fearful of dancing and have never really ever danced before. It’s just an irrational desire that’s been stuffed away since childhood, and you finally admit it to yourself. You decide to go for it, and start taking lessons. You never actually get anywhere with it professionally, but you learn a few moves and truly enjoy the process. The actuality falls well short of the vision, but in the end you’re satisfied. It doesn’t matter one bit that the dream of going pro with it didn’t happen – the important thing is that you decided to become a dancer, and took action to make it happen.

Achieving just 10% of your true desire is infinitely better than 0%, which is exactly what you’ll get if you never admit to yourself what you truly want.

It doesn’t matter how far we get – all that matters is that we admit it to ourselves and give ourselves permission to go for it.

II – Tension

Once we have identified our true desire and a compelling vision begins to form, this creates tension between where we want to be and where we are now.

This is actually a good thing.

It is this tension that can be leveraged to catapult us forward toward the actualization of our visions.

Think of a rubberband. Pull the rubberband in two opposing directions – the more you pull, the greater the tension.

The tension urges release. If you let go of the rubberband on one side, what happens? It shoots across the room!

This same principle can be applied to your vision.

The tension causes one of two things to happen: you either let go of your current way of life, or you let go of your dreams.

If your dream isn’t strong enough, the status quo will win.

If your dream is truly compelling, there’s a good chance that it will overpower your status quo and you’ll be catapulted forward toward the actualization of your goal.

III – Structure

Taking the rubberband analogy further, let’s now imagine a bow and arrow.

The frame of the bow provides the structure required in order for the tension of the string to catapult the arrow in the direction of the target (your vision).

By changing the structure, we can orient and fine-tune our situation to improve the possibility of reaching the target.

In this example, the path of least resistance is to let go of the arrow, thus launching it toward the target. This analogy clearly shows that it can often be more work to hold ourselves back from our visions and desires than to dive into them.

When we have clarity on our target, which creates tension between here and there, then we can set up a structure that empower us to move toward it.

This structure is our systems, habits, routines, environment, relationships and support – which all work together to create the optimial “bow” to launch the arrow of our life toward the target of our dream.

IV – Velocity

With all of these elements working in harmony, we create the conditions to achieve escape velocity and flow. We dive headfirst into the beyond, knowing exactly where we are going. Our eyes are open, our vision is clear.

When the tension of the bow and arrow is released, velocity quickly builds, launching the arrow toward its target.

In physics, escape velocity refers to the minimum speed required for an object to escape from the gravitational pull of a massive body.

Let’s work to achieve escape velocity away from the clutches of smallness and banality.

Establish your aim, set your structure, build your tension, and release yourself to your heart’s desire.