Rise above the noise

Learn powerful workflows to create incredible DJ mixes, impress your audience and build a music brand that stands out.

Go forth and crush it

  • Find new music crazy fast
  • Create a powerful and efficient DJ library
  • Develop a tagging system to reliably find the right tracks for the right moments
  • Create powerful dancefloor experiences
  • Clarify and refine your unique style
  • Develop a brand that sets you apart and generates more opportunities
  • Greatly increase your confidence
  • Get better bookings
  • Get paid what you’re worth
  • Build a life around music

Get unstuck

In my 15 years experience as a DJ, 12 years as an event producer and 10 years as a brand strategist, I’ve found that there are three core problems that stop DJs from reaching their potential:

  • limiting beliefs
  • chaotic workflows
  • broken business models

Unless these common issues are addressed and overcome, you’ll endure an uphill battle towards actualizing your true potential.

This program will help you put these problems in the past and move forward with confidence.

Go pro

I’m looking for 10 experienced DJs who would like to work with me to level up their game and establish themselves as top-shelf music professionals.

The program runs for 12 weeks, starting the last week of September.

The outcome is simple: level up your DJing and establish yourself as a highly valued artist and music professional.

Streamlined workflows. Better mixes. Better gigs. More opportunities. And most importantly, absolute confidence in your craft.

Everyday flowstate

I've distilled my DJ workflow and philosophy into a simple system that will empower you to create the DJ career of your dreams.

Module 1

Winner's Mindset

Break your limiting beliefs. Actualize your potential.


Understand the true nature of value and how to increase yours.


Discovery what drives you to do what you do and how to do it better.


Clarify an inspiring vision for your future and your next steps.

Module 2

Set Design

Create unique DJ sets that set you apart.


Define the effects you want your mixes to have on your audience.


Define your unique sound give each mix a distinct character.


Take your listeners on a meaningful journey through sound.

Module 3

Gem Discovery

Find all the freshies. Bring back to nest.


Learn how to quickly and easily find tons of fresh music to play.


Leverage a simple process to find the right  gems for the right sets. 


Quickly aqcuire new music for your DJ library in high quality formats.

Module 4

Library Cultivation

Always play the right music at the right moment.


Rapidly prepare your music for flawless performance.


Always find the right music for the right time in any situation.


Cultivate a powerful and perfectly organized DJ library.

Module 5

Mixing Mastery

Break out of the box and go anywhere.


Eliminate mixing mistakes through impeccable timing.


Gain absolute confidence in creating flawless mixes.


Leverage effects to mix between tempos, genres and vibes.

Module 6

Pro Publishing

Record and publish like a pro.


Record your mixes and properly prepare them for publishing.


Create unique and meaningful cover art for your mixes.


Put your mixes online in a way that maximizes listens and shares.

Module 7

Brand Alchemy

Show up like a top-shelf artist.


Create a unique and potent artist persona that turns heads.


Clarify and communicate your creative uniqueness.


Develop a brand system for consistency across platforms.

Module 8

Marketing Magick

Connect with your audience and earn true fans.


Build a digital platform to share your work and engage your audience.


Establish a production routine that ensure steady growth.


Develop a simple and powerful marketing gameplan.

Module 9

Event Design

Create and curate powerful dancefloor experiences.


Learn how to design powerful events and experiences.


Curate the right team and talent to bring your vision to life.


Facilitate memorable and transformative event experiences.

Musical Journeys

Over the last 15 years, I've distilled my DJ workflow and philosophy into a simple system that can adapt to any DJing style. Check out the two mixes below. I designed the mix concepts, found all new music, processed, mixed, recorded and published in 2-3 days per mix.


Theme: Elemental Dancefloor Ritual
Genre: Tribal / Psychedelic
Mood: Deep / Shamanic / Ceremonial

A Tale of Two Lovers

Theme: Love Story
Genre: Future Slow Jams / R&B
Mood: Sexy / Chill

How it works

Learn on your own schedule
  • 9 Week Program
    Transformation guaranteed.
  • Weekly Video Workshop
    Pre-recorded workshops. Watch when you want.
  • Weekly Group Coaching
    A weekly live session where you can get hands-on support and guidance.
  • Private Community
    Get anytime guidance and feedback from me and the crew.
  • 1-on-1 Strategy Deep Dive
    I'll work with you to put together a solid strategy for your forward movement.

Level Up

Become the artist you're meant to be
Registrations close Sept 25th. Program runs Sept `26th - Dec 18th.
Option 1


9 Weekly Video Workshops
Private Community

9 Weekly Coaching Sessions

1-on-1 Strategy Deep Dive

Save My Spot
Option 2


9 Weekly Video Workshops
Private Community

9 Weekly Coaching Sessions

1-on-1 Strategy Deep Dive

Let's Fkn Gooo

Breakthrough Guarantee

I only want your money if this program proves to be valuable in your journey as a DJ. If by the end of the 3-month program you don't feel you got your money's worth, I'll gladly refund you. 

What about XYZ?

A few common questions + answers
  • I'm a new DJ. Is this for me?

    Yup. What you will learn in this course took me 15 years to figure out. If i knew then what I know now, I would be muuuuch further along in my DJing journey. You have that opportunity.

  • I'm a pro DJ. Is this for me?

    Yup. Applying the principles and techniques of this course will have an immediate and dramatic effect on your library and mixes

  • What if I just want to make mixtapes?

    Awesome. What you will learn and apply here will make your mixes impress yourself and your friends.

  • Are there any scholarships available?

    Not at this time. But if you want to join and can’t afford it, I offer a payment plan where the cost of the course is paid weekly over the duration of the course. (4 weekly payments).

    If that is too much, reach out to me and I’ll see what we can do. No one turned away due to lack of funds, yet some form of value exchange is required. 

  • What DJ gear & software do i need?

    That’s entirely up to you.

    This course does not focus on any particular software or hardware. That said, I personally use Traktor Pro + Traktor Z1 & X1 controller.

    You will need DJ software and a controller of some sort. You don’t need anything fancy. Less is often more.

    If you’re looking to buy gear, I recommend my setup above.

  • I'm busy af. how much time will this require?

    Content goes here ..

  • What if I have more questions?

    Reach out to me and I’ll be happy to answer.

    Email: andy@dreamsync.org // Telegram: @opulentaudio

music magick

From 2015-2018, I co-created the legendary Audio Alchemy retreats with UK producer Hedflux. It was through these retreats that the true power of music began to reveal itself.

We’ve guided over 100 music producers through a comprehensive curriculum and transformational experience that continues to make ripples in all our lives. Our last retreat in 2018 brought 70 artists from all over the world for an unforgettable experience.

Now, I am creating a similar system with a focus on DJing and creating long-form music journeys.

Audio Alchemy 2018 - Big Island, Hawaii