The Dark Art

The name of the game with branding is perception management and subconscious influence.

The harsh reality is that this is being used against us every single day on an unimaginable scale.

Countless dollars are being pumped into branding, marketing and advertising, with the relentless goal of convincing you to buy, buy, buy and then buy some more! Our entire world is predicated upon capitalism and consumerism, a self-feeding system where workers and consumers are mere pawns in the larger game of market and resource domination.

We all feel deep down inside that something is not right in the world. That’s because it’s true.

The purpose of life is not to buy and consume, but that’s sure what it seems like if you take a look around. Money has usurped the place of God. All hail the dollar.

Our world is run by masters of psychology and influence. They are those who have a staggering understanding of human behavior, and the means and motive to use that knowledge for their own benefit. In essence, this is sorcery and black magick.

Many tactics that are routinely utilized in the worlds of marketing, advertising and branding are an affront to the human spirit. They seduce and enslave, rather than inspire and liberate. They are insidious. All of this is totally legal, and “just the way things work”, but it’s not how things need to be. We can do better than this. Far better.

Even the best of intentions often succumb to inhumane and manipulative tactics. In the marketing world is a vast glossary of violent jargon that paints a picture of war between creator and consumer, turning human beings into mere objects to be exploited.

“Tripwires”, “ethical bribes”, “leaky funnels”, “aggressive marketing”, “newsletter blasts”, “indoctrination”, “scarcity” and many, many more. These terms point to the core ideology of traditional marketing and advertising: people are nothing more than units of profit to be exploited. Anything to make the sale. A popular mantra is ABC: Always Be Closing (the sale).

Let’s define sorcerers as those who conjure, manipulate, influence and/or deceive in order to create an intended outcome. Most marketing and advertising people are sorcerers with varying levels of “good intentions”, and most forms of marketing and advertising is sorcery, plain and simple.

Marketing, advertising and branding are not inherently negative. But the philosophies, mindsets and practices that are behind most of what we see in today’s business landscape is the modern equivalent to black magick.

So, this begs the question – can branding, marketing and advertising be used in a positive way?

Can it be used to liberate and inspire people to reach their true potential, rather than enslave them to mindless consumerism?

Can branding be leveraged to help us raise our consciousness and create the more beautiful world we know is possible?

Indeed it can.