Vol.1 – Initiation


Andy here.

I’m stoked this zine found its way to you.

Siren is my new events project that aims to bring us all together to have incredibly rich, life-changing experiences.

I fkn love bringing people together.

Whether its having friends over for dinner. DJing for hundreds of ecstatic dancers, or facilitating deep-dive retreats, the connections that are formed in these containers are the crown jewel. It’s why I do what I do.

This zine marks the beginning of a journey into uncharted dancefloor territory.

Kicking things off is the Speakeasy, a roaring 2020’s social club and ritual theatre. Many of you have mentioned wanting more excuses to get all dressed up and dapper. Here’s your golden opportunity. More on that below.

Moving forward, I’ll be launching a variety of events such as dances, workshops, conferences, festivals and retreats. 

This zine will serve as the heartbeat; a weekly pulse on what’s happening with Siren and our community.

Thanks for taking the time. It really means a lot.

Looking forward to seeing you on the dancefloor and at the roundtable.

Let’s connect and make memories.


Andy // Opulence

In this volume:

  • Upcoming events
  • Vibes on tap
  • Musings
  • Siren Society

Upcoming Events

July 30th: Siren Society Speakeasy

Enter the speakeasy, a roaring 2020’s social club and ritual arts theatre. Dress in your black-gold best. The Siren Society requests your presence. 

  • DJ: Opulence
  • MC: Lumina Elusia
  • Ritual Theatre
  • Elixir Bar
  • Dress: black + metallic. View fashion moodboard.
  • Sat, July 30 :: 7-10pm
  • $30 door // $20 presales // $5 off with password 😉
  • @ Kalani (Pahoa, HI)

August: Deep-Dive Workshops

Next month we will be launching a workshop series. Keep your eyes peeled for the next week’s edition of Sirensong – I’ll be announcing the first workshop. What could it be? 🧐

Vibes on Tap

Opulence – 2020 Vision

  • DJ Mix (1hr)
  • A studio mix I created at the start of 2020 right before the pandemic. Maybe I should rename it to 2020 Hindsight? 🤷‍♂️
  • Listen now

Dosya Sol – Floetry in Motion

  • DJ Mix (2hrs)
  • “Floetic, jazzy smooth grooves dusted in sultry rhymes & backed by thick beats.”
  • Listen now


Transmissions from the deep end. Exploring philosophy, music, art, business, creativity, psychology, growth and transformation.

The Philosopher’s Tone

Music is a perfect metaphor for existence.

it is said that everything is vibration. As is music.

If everyone on earth is a musical instrument, then together we are a vast symphony.

What would be the result of a symphony of competing players? Noise.

The result of perfectly cooperating players? Divinity.

Let’s make some music, shall we?

Signal // Noise

Most marketing is pure noise.

Interruptive. Manipulative. Inconsiderate.

Good marketing is pure signal.

Generous. Thoughtful. Transformative.

Noise is the same as other noise. It all blends together.

You’re forced to yell louder or get ignored. Louder noise is still noise.

Signal is the antidote. Find yours.

Once you have established your signal, create resonance with other signals.

Be remarkable together and rise above.

Design Your Future

Where do you want to be in 3 years?

What challenges will you have overcome?

What opportunities will you have seized?

What strengths will you have maximized?

Time can’t be stopped.

Work backwards from your vision to uncover your next steps.

Move into the future with clarity.

If you drive without direction, how will you get anywhere in particular?

Let’s be drivers, not drifters.

Make a vision.

Make it happen.

Siren Society

The Siren Society is a collective of rebels, creators, thinkers and dancers.

In a digital landscape polluted by endless noise, the Siren Society telegram group is a sanctuary of connection and depth. A place where we can keep the connections and conversations flowing.

Stop by and check it out. Bonus points for introducing yourself 😉

Enter the Siren Society telegram group.