Vol.2 – Enter The Speakeasy

Hey, it’s Andy.

It’s a big week. This Saturday is the very first Siren event, the Speakeasy, a roaring 2020’s social club and ritual theatre.

I’ve been envisioning this event for a loooong time. And now it’s finally here.

I’m also unveiling the first of the Sines music workshops. Kicking things off is a DJ workshop by yours truly.

Thank you so much for taking the time and offering up your attention. It’s deeply appreciated.

Let’s get this party started.


Andy // Opulence

Upcoming Events

July 30th: Siren Society Speakeasy

Enter the speakeasy, a roaring 2020’s social club and ritual arts theatre. Dress in your black-gold best. The Siren Society requests your presence.ย 

  • DJ: Opulence
  • MC: Lumina Elusia
  • Ritual Theatre / Performance Arts
  • Elixir Bar
  • Dress: black + metallics. View fashion moodboard.
  • Sat, July 30 :: 7-10pm
  • $30 door // $20 presales // $5 off with password ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • @ Kalani (Pahoa, HI)

I just finished the website for the Speakeasy, which includes more detailed info on the experience, lineup and tickets. Check it out:

Sines: DJ Workshop w/ Opulence

I’ve been in love with DJing since I put together my first mix about 15 years ago.

There’s no better feeling than sharing my favorite music with a crowd that’s bubbling, whirling and fizzing with dancefloor revelry. I also love creating vibe-specific mixes for home listening and sharing with friends.

Many people have asked me over the years if I give DJ lessons. The time is ripe for me to make that happen and share all my tricks, techniques and secrets. If you want to get started DJing or take your skills to the next level, this workshop is for you.

In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll cover the essentials of finding new music, building up and managing your DJ library and creating engaging, seamless and fluid mixes that are completely free of trainwrecks and awkward moments.

The three primary topics we’ll be covering is:

I – Discovering Gems: Quickly and easily find new music in any genre. Learn to sift through all the dirt and find the gems without breaking a sweat. (All of the music is the ‘A Tale of Two Lovers’ mixtape featured below was discovered in a single afternoon.)

II – Library Cultivation: Set up your library to optimize your music, set perfect beatgrids, and effortlessly find the right music for the right moment. Preparation is 80% of performance. Better prep = better mixes.

III – Mixing Mastery: Create fluid and meaningful mixes, whether you’re performing for hundreds of ecstatic dancers or making mixtapes for you and your friends. Learn my go-to techniques on creating perfectly beat-matched, harmonic mixes, as well as how to break out of the box and seamlessly mix across tempos, keys and genres.

  • Thursday, August 18
  • @ Kalani – Pahoa, HI
  • $100 door // $70 presale (get $20 off with earlybird password: “sinewave”)
  • All skill levels welcome

Vibes on Tap

Opulence –ย A Tale of Two Lovers

I created this mix last weekend in an outpouring of feels for my beloved. It is the first mixtape-style DJ mix i’ve created. The focus was not on creating perfectly beat-matched, harmonic mixes, but instead focuses on telling a story through song. I’m very happy with the result, and have stumbled upon an entirely fresh way of creating mixes. I hope you enjoy the ride. ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ”‰๐Ÿ’ฆ

  • A 3-hour musical story of the blossoming love of two souls.
  • Sultry and sexy hiphop/r&b.
  • Listen now


Transmissions from the deep end. Exploring philosophy, music, art, business, creativity, psychology, growth and transformation.

Dancefloor Alchemy

Some of the most profound and transformative experiences of my life have taken place on a dancefloor. Anyone who frequents ecstatic dances, raves and/or festivals can attest to this elusive magic that happens when a mass of humans sync up in sound.

In alchemy, the philosopher’s stone is a magical substance that instantly transforms anything that comes into contact with it.

Music is the closest thing I’ve found that fits that description.

The right music at the right moment can change a life forever.

It certainly has changed mine.

Oftentimes transformative, peak-moments on the dancefloor happen by accident. It wasn’t intended, but it happened anyways.

To me, this alludes to the raw power that music holds. If it can change lives by accident, then what’s possible with purpose?

What happens when we intentionally create powerful and transcendent dancefloor experiences, and the dancers who show up intend on having such an experience?

While there’s no guarantees, a little bit of intention goes a long way.

I have a feeling we’ve barely scratched the surface of whats possible with big sound systems, crowds full of people and deeply transformative intent.

What’s possible when our intention is transformative?

Maybe it’s time we found out.

The Art of Relationship

Today I finished reading ‘Love Unf*cked’ by Gary John Bishop. It’s a great little book, and a healthy dose of reality when it comes to creating thriving relationships.

I can’t help but to think that we’ve been collectively doing it all wrong.ย The ~50% divorce rate is proof enough.

In the book, Gary drops some bombs that are sinking in deep and setting me straight. There’s a few key concepts that are swirling around in my heart and mind, and I can already see a new view on relating coming into focus. Here’s a few nugs:

You are the cause and the cure.

If things aren’t going the way you want, there’s no one to blame but yourself. For a relationship to thrive, both people must take full responsibility and accountability for the relationship.

If you’re pointing your finger at anyone other than yourself, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

The only thing you can control is yourself. Thriving relationships demand us to be co-creators, not victims. The former is empowered, the latter powerless. Choose wisely.

Values, vows & honor

Values form our core ethos for living and relating. Whatever you value in relationship is up to you to bring to the relationship. That’s your job. Embody your values, no one can do it for you.

Vows are commitments, which are most popularly considered in the context of marriage. But in our modern life, the vows part are often skimmed over – a formality, part of the show.

A vow is simply a commitment we take seriously (which should be all commitments). Whether in marriage or any relationship, vows (commitments) are an essential component. The clearer the vows, the more consistent the follow through, the stronger the bond.

Honor is simply applying, embodying and living our vows and values in the context of relationship. Who doesn’t want that?

Be transformational, not transactional

Most relationships operate transactionally. If we give too much and don’t feel our partner reciprocate, then the result is the notion that the relationship isn’t equal or fair.

The thing is, relationships are not about keeping score. They aren’t a business or interest account. And if we start operating in this way, we’re headed to the cliffs.

Love makes no demands, it only gives. That doesn’t mean we stay in an unhealthy relationship where we’re the only one giving or the situation isn’t right for whatever reason. In a case like that, moving on may be the highest expression of love.

For me it all comes down to growth. Is the relationship a thriving container of mutual growth, understanding and transformation?

I want my relationships to bring the best out of everyone involved. Why do so many relationships instead bring out the worst?

I strive to bring my best self to my relationships – my values, vows and honor.

Not an easy task, but the only one that works.


In marketing, your positioning is a concise statement that explains your brand or product in a clear and easily digestible way.

When it’s done right, this magical sentence can be a catalyst for success.

Done wrong (or not at all) will leave your growth stunted.

What do you say when someone asks “what do you do?”

Do you have a clear and powerful answer that they instantly understand? An answer that immediately makes them think up who they may know who might be interested?

Or do you fumble around with your words, and say something nebulous that doesn’t inspire the other person to lean in further?

In my 10+ years of experience in branding and marketing, I’ve found that a rock solid positioning statement is the most important thing you can do for your business or project, especially when you’re getting started.

There’s a simple formula for an effective positioning statement (compliments to Jonathan Stark):

Iโ€™m a _______ who helps _______ with _______. Unlike my competitors, _______.

The four blank spaces correspond to what you do, who you serve, the problem you solve for them (or outcome you help them achieve), and how you are different than others in your industry.

The key here is clarity and specificity.

It can be uncomfortable at first to dig into the essence of what you do. We tend to want to be everything for everyone. The problem is that we’re not Amazon.

We need to position ourselves as a big solution for a small group of people.

Be a big fish in a small pond.

As they say, the riches are in the niches.

It’s important to note that your positioning statement won’t be posted on your website, or communicated verbatim – it serves as a north star, and can be communicated in different ways for different situations.ย 

It should be so clear that anyone can instantly understand what you do and why its important, even if its not for them.

The outcome is just a sentence or two of magical words that can make your business take off and generate a constant stream referrals.

The more someone understands what you do, who you serve, the value you offer and what makes you different, the easier it is for them to spread the word. 1+1=2.

Simple, but certainly not easy.

Worth the effort.

Siren Society

The Siren Society is a collective of rebels, creators, thinkers, dancers and revelers.

In a digital landscape polluted by endless noise, the Siren Society telegram group is a sanctuary of connection and depth. A place where we can keep the connections and conversations flowing.

Stop by and check it out. Bonus points for introducing yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

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